Tracy Allison Altman, PhD - Founder of Ugly Research
Tracy wants to rescue decision makers and subject matter experts from monolithic bibliographies, research reports, and PowerPoints. She designs innovative ways to explain and evaluate high-value evidence. Previously, Tracy led software development teams (STATS), content development, and analyst teams in enterprise software, baseball statistics, science publishing (Elsevier), and oil & gas evaluation (Apache).

Her personal blog is Evidence Soup. Tracy has delivered speaking engagements on baseball analytics, the HEOR value story, the big picture for big health data, and evidence-based decision making.

Tracy's PhD is in Public Policy Analysis (Univ of Colorado), where she studied how stakeholders exchange and organize evidence around health and environment policy decisions. Her M.S., also from Colorado, is in general science with a computer science concentration. She earned her B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Oklahoma State University.

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